Afghan Pink Tea
Afghan Pink Tea

Afghan Pink Tea

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Our unique green tea is perfect for making Afghan pink tea. Many teas do not oxidize so they are not helpful when making Afghan pink tea like the Afghan Cooks recipe here.

Buy our special oxidizing green tea to make your pink tea for your next special occasion. 

Pink tea, also known as 'Kashmiri chai' or 'noon chai', traces its roots back to the beautiful valleys of Kashmir, a region shared by India and Pakistan. This unique beverage, distinguished by its signature pink color, has been a part of Kashmiri culture for centuries. The tea leaves used in pink tea are unique green tea leaves that are native to this region.

The distinct pink color comes from the addition of baking soda during the brewing process. Served traditionally with salt, it is often garnished with almonds and pistachios for an added touch of luxury. Over time, this tea has crossed borders and is now enjoyed worldwide, often sweetened with sugar and topped with cream for a rich, indulgent beverage.

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